Explore Rodeo Drive in L.A.

June 23, 2018
Category: Los Angeles Hotel

Rodeo Drive in L.A. is famous for being the center of luxury at the heart of Beverly Hills. This road, which expands across 3 blocks, hosts events frequently and houses some of the finest stores in the area. This road is renowned for its annual events that showcase grand festivals and exciting activities. For anyone new, or merely exploring the Beverly Hills area, a stroll down Rodeo Drive in L.A. should be on your ‘things-to-do’ list.

About Rodeo Drive in L.A.

The Beverly Hills neighborhood is considered to be a friendly and personable area for anyone visiting. Rodeo Drive in L.A. is among one of the most welcoming places in the Beverly Hills area. You’ll be starstruck while perusing the shops along Rodeo Drive in L.A., and there’s no better place to explore the luxuries of Beverly Hills, than to visit Rodeo Drive.

There are plenty of highlights and things to do while exploring Rodeo Drive in L.A. and there are plenty of luxurious shops to peruse while in the area. Many who come to shop here enjoy shopping in fashion stores or lifestyle shops. But of course, Rodeo Drive is best known for the events it hosts throughout the year. Some of these events include: annual lighting celebrations, Holidays Programing, and the 25th Anniversary Rodeo Drive Concours d’Elegance. Information on these events can be found here.

Rodeo Drive in L.A. is best known for the wide array of luxury stores that are strewn across three blocks. There are many landmarks which makes the street well-known by many in the area, such as the Beverly Hills Sign, and the statue of “Torso” created by Robert Graham. These two features are icons of Rodeo Drive, and represent as much significance to the area as the House of Bijan and the Gucci stores. These stores are renowned as being two of the most expensive stores on the street, and are bound to make your trip through Rodeo Drive as lavish as it can possibly be.

Located near Beverly Gardens Park, Rodeo Drive has a variety of hours of operation depending on the store you intend to visit. More information on the hours of operations of these store can be found here. In addition to this, the SureStay Hotel  Beverly is located only 10 minutes away from Rodeo Drive in L.A., making it the ideal Los Angeles Hotel to stay in during your visit here. This hotel in Los Angeles offers guest amenities and friendly service, as well as the lowest rates available when you book your stay directly online.

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